Why You Should Avoid CSS Frameworks

You Don’t Need Bootstrap I generally try to avoid using CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation in my projects. I like the idea of using a framework but I find that in practice they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. If your team likes Bootstrap… Read More

A Case Against WordPress

Why you should consider moving your site off WordPress I’ve been using WordPress to build websites for over 10 years. Its always been a bit of a love/hate relationship. Most of the time I use WordPress out of necessity because a site requires a lot of updates and they need… Read More

Error Proof Your PHP with Type Hints and Return Types

Bug Free PHP with Types PHP seems to be everyone’s favorite language to criticize and dismiss. Its dismissed as buggy, irrelevant and overall a terrible choice. However PHP still powers a large percentage of the web. WordPress, the most used CMS platform is powered by PHP. A large portion of… Read More