Are You a Web Designer or Web Developer?

This is a question I’ve been asked on almost every developer interview. “I see you also design websites. Do you consider yourself a designer or developer?” Well, I enjoy both but I consider myself more of a developer. Also, while I design layouts and very simple graphics I am not a graphic artist. I do not create complex graphics.

Why Do We Need to Choose?

I know I’m a better developer than designer but I really enjoy both. I like that one is more artistic and one is more logical. When I first got into creating websites I didn’t know any other web designers or developers so I felt like I needed to do both. So being a designer/developer was more of a necessity. In order to create a complete website I needed to design the layout and graphics but I also needed to code.

I believe that this has made me a stronger developer because I can understand both roles. I have a strong background in web design skills like CSS and PhotoShop but I can also use jQuery to manipulate the DOM and PHP to work with data on the server. I feel that other developers would benefit from a strong understanding of both roles. I also notice that most designer and developer positions require strong HTML and CSS backgrounds.

While I will probably continue to design and develop my own sites I am happy to have someone else fill the web designer role.

About Beth Rogers


Beth Rogers is a Web Developer and Consultant living in San Antonio Texas. With over 10 years of experience she helps businesses create beautiful, functional experiences online.

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