The Importance of Server Side Form Validation with PHP

One important feature of HTML5 is improved form input types. This makes client side validation easy. Now we can validate emails, urls, and phone numbers without using JavaScript. This can make it tempting to use rely on the client side and use lax server side validation. Especially when you need… Read More

Using Grunt with WordPress

Over the past year I’ve adopted quite a few new tools into my everyday development workflow. These include SublimeText, Git, Sass/Compass, and Grunt. After incorporating these into my development process I’m not sure how I ever got anything done without them. Today I will discuss how I use Grunt in… Read More

Using Sass Mixins for More Semantic Markup

CSS Frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap are wonderful for creating sites quickly and easily but they provide a lot of styles that go unused and require a lot of style related markup. OOCSS address serious problems with current CSS practices. But it comes at a high price. It requires… Read More